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“As a long time client, Karissa has been the only one I trust and feel confident in doing wax services and facials. She has tremendous love and care for what she does. I never feel rushed or just like another customer. I immediately dropped a big corporate wax chain subscription for my services to go to her because I would rather give Karissa my hard earned money and know that it is going to someone who cares deeply about her clients. She’s worth every penny, if not for her amazing stories alone!” - Barbara Gowen

"Not quite sure how to put into words the magic of my facials with Karissa. She is more than an esthetician, she is a healer! She is incredibly intuitive to what I'm craving and needing - one facial I was struggling and just needed rest and care and the next I felt chatty and joyful. It's so lovely to vibe in that way and have my needs and feelings recognized: it truly created a safe space for me to deeply relax and trust.  And the breathing, man the breathing is pure enchantment. I walk out of Karissa's facials feeling younger, clearer, rejuvenated, and almost giddy. Did I mention she is sweet, hilarious, and just fun to spend a few hours with?! I recommend seeing Karissa for all your facial needs from the bottom of my heart!"  -Jamie Kopp

"I met her at the gym and immediately knew how special she was and how much she loves teaching yoga!! I wanted to know about her being the curious mama/ Grammie bear I am! I had a facial from her and loved it so much! She is my official amazing facial gal from now on! Gentle, sweet, kind, professional and just so special! Her talents are many: from macrame to yoga, and a caring and loving person! She works hard at all she does and I am so pleased I have her in my life!!" -Tami Stoddard 


"I stumbled across Karissa’s yoga class offerings on a local Facebook group. I  arrived to her socially distanced, outdoor class unsure what to expect and I fully enjoyed myself. It’s clear that Karissa’s classes are well thought out. She creates fully immersive experiences complete with a variety of aromatherapy techniques, meditative offerings, sound healing, and movement medicine. Karissa is a rare teacher able to offer silliness, fun, challenge, respect and peaceful self acceptance to strangers all in the matter of a 60 minute class. I’ve only taken two or three of her classes but have already referred at least 10 friends to her." -Elaine

"My first day as your yoga student, I was intimidated.  Someone with myofascial and sciatica definitely couldn't handle the challenging poses became discouraged.  Persistently, I started following you and realized this is the  type of yoga my body needs. My first facial with you was amazing.  Quite relaxing the minute you started the session.  I am quite satisfied with your service as our yoga instructor and esthetician." - Rue Mani

"Karissa is a true free flowing spirit. I have had the great opportunity to be one of her yoga students for some years. She invites optimism, strength and courage into the practice. She makes you laugh and feel into the depths of your body and soul. I feel inspired by her knowledge and candid spirit.. refreshed and renewed. She is one of those special humans who really gets all people."  -Noelle Doughty 

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